12 € / 45min
Über den Lehrer
Dear Students, I am a native Standard German speaker, translator (EnglishGermanSpanish), language manager and tutor holding certificates in various languages, translating, teaching, interpreting and in creative writing with seven years of teaching and four years of translating, transcribing and proofreading experience. Besides, I studied/did courses in Humanities, Linguistics, Sociology, Psychology with focus on Early Childhood Development, Learning and Attention difficulties. I am offering patient, affordable, diversified, efficient, flexible and individual German/Languages Lessons and Tutoring in several subjects for all levels and need as well as exam preparations. My long and vast experience in studying various and different languages such as English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Arabic, Korean, Indonesian, Turkish, Greek, Italian... enabled me to gain a profound understanding of the acquisition of languages, their differences, and similarities as well as the best teaching tools and ways of learning languages in general. Besides general German lessons, I am also offering Translation Services in the following language pairs: Spanish / English > German, Proofreading & Voice Over Services, Creative Writing Courses and any kind of Text Corrections. Furthermore, tutoring in the following subjects: English, Spanish, French, Hindi, History, Psychology, Religion Studies, Philosophy, Sociology, Pedagogy, South Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, Spain and Latin American Studies with focus on culture, history and society. For children with (suspected) dyslexia, learning and attention issues I offer diagnosis and specialized Teaching Methods. Besides the general acquisition of language learning aspects such as comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, writing and so on, I also like to include historical, social and cultural aspects of the world in which the language is embedded and is influenced and shaped by. I use a variation of media, material and tools such as podcasts, videos, movies, letters, creative projects, newspaper article, audio programs, free/creative exercises as well as specialized and standardized books for specific levels/needs and exam preparations I would like to share my knowledge, experience and passion for languages and the listed subjects and help you to achieve your personal goal in a short time and in an efficient but also entertaining way. For those who are not able to/interested in regular lessons and wish to make faster progress or like to focus on a specific topic, I will offer Workshops and Crash Courses (which will be listed soon). Online Lessons all year long! Lessons around Heidelberg and Barcelona! Next Workshops will be announced soon!
12 € / 45min